CCF Funding

CCF Funding

A huge Thank you to Cornwall Community Foundation

Our sincere thanks go out to Cornwall Community Foundation for continuing to fund and support us.
Their passionate mission to support our community matches our mission to see a lasting legacy of change to the mental health provisions of our county.

The grant has enabled Ratcliffe & Brown to support over 100 clients including five clients that wanted to stop their cannabis use and instead engage with community resources, two clients that were homeless and needed help to gain mental stability, in turn, helping them to gain housing and through the social prescribing link, eighty-three new clients, reducing the pressure and wait times on GP surgeries and at NHS hospitals. The organisation has also seen a decline in medication being prescribed to their clients after they have worked with qualified councillors.

Like many not-for-profit organisations, Ratcliffe & Brown CIC work with funders to provide crisis interventions, safeguarding assessments, and free counselling to members of the most deprived communities within Cornwall.

Without their funding, we would not be able to provide such crucial opportunities for our most at-risk community members.

We are helping to bring stability to our community that has been rocked by lockdown problems, teen suicide, repeat offending issues and frontline staff suicides.

Here is a link to CCF's website and our case study: Case Study

Thank you CCF for your continued support!

Together we are stronger

CCF Funding