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Volunteer Trainee Counsellor placements are essential to a counsellor's journey to becoming qualified. For the future of our community's mental health to be strong, we have to support and nurture our trainees through this challenging period while allowing them space to grow.

We are a placement provider with a difference. Your training, safety, and support are our priority. We bridge the knowledge gap between your learning institute and real-world life post-qualifying experiences.
Our client base is very diverse, and you will be able to work with a wide range of issues and concerns. We work across all three methods of contact: telephone, video, and face-to-face.

Our training is delivered over video to ensure anyone can attend and participate regardless of distance or physical ability. We welcome any and all applicants and are proud of our diverse and inclusive training package. Please let us know if you require any amendments to support your learning journey, and we can create your support plan together. We are proud to be the change we wish to see.

We provide

  • 5 days of in-depth training unique to Ratcliffe & Brown.
  • Training certificate for our unique training package straight away.
  • We provide group supervision free each month.
  • We can provide private supervision if needed.
  • The opportunity to attend our unique counselling retreats.
  • You will have the full support of our clinical supervisor and the safeguarding officer.
  • Our management team comprises qualified counsellors, crisis workers, and supervisors. You are in safe hands.

Video and telephone counselling is available across the country. Face-to-face counselling is available to our placement students in Cornwall only. Our main base is located at the Falmouth University Campus in Cornwall.

We have a rolling recruitment plan each year. Please follow us on Facebook (@ratcliffeandbrowncic) to be notified as soon as vacancies open.

Next Vacancy: Volunteer Trainee Counsellors
Open Date: 1st May 2024
Closing Date: 3rd June 2024
Interview Dates: 12/6/24, 13/6/24, 19/6/24, 20/6/24

If your application is received before the vacancy start date, we will hold it on file until the vacancy opens. To apply, please click below.

Our latest training dates are below.
Please note the dates and ensure you are available to attend the training. Our training gives you the tools you need to enter into your placement confidently, and counselling work. If any training is missed, you will be required to complete it before beginning your client work.

All training packages are created by one of our experienced Founders, Rachel Ratcliffe.

Training Plan - 2024 applicants
Day 1: Onboarding - Saturday 20th July 2024
Day 2: Ethics & Safeguarding - Thursday 25th July 2024
Day 3: Domestic Violence & The Cost of War - Saturday 3rd August 2024
Day 4: Life After Loss Training Package - Thursday 8th August 2024
Day 5: Life After Loss Training Package - Thursday 15th August 2024

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Placement opportunities