The gravity shared in the discipline needed to underpin a potentially good counsellor was apparent from the start of the placement experience- in all the elements of practice that otherwise would have been left to trial and error. The diligent way that Rachel provided these lessons was compelling as she embraced each morsel of information with a passion and heartfelt intensity. She shared an openness to mistake making as a rich ground for potential growth and provided all the resources to back us up with as much support as was necessary. So much ground was covered in identifying and navigating potential pitfalls in all aspects of counselling - all the while Michelle providing a safety net in safeguarding that, in my experience, was done quickly and naturally- giving such a humanistic quality to a sensitive and volatile area that could otherwise be shrouded in fear and trepidation. All in all, Ratcliffe and Brown provide an excellent, well structured, hard working, energised, trustworthy, experienced, insightful, informative, interesting, brave and open-hearted placement experience. I am very grateful- thank you both

- Placement trainee anonymous

My placement experience has been fundamental in shaping how I work as therapist. I have felt so supported despite working completely virtually with R&B. Rachel and Michelle have been fantastic mentors, I really appreciate the opportunity to have finished my placement with them!

- Placement trainee anonymous

Introductory training invaluable and provided great insights for 1st placement. Ongoing training and support for trainee counselor is an R&B priority - so you feel engaged and part of the wider community.

- Placement trainee anonymous

I feel well supported and the supervision provided is of high quality, as are the team meetings

- Placement trainee anonymous

I have to date found my placement experience with R&B to be outstanding - the training was beyond what i had expected and so helpful. Rachel is an amazing teacher and so down to earth and easy to relate to and I would recommend anyone thinking of finding a placement to reach out to R&B, I feel totally supported on my journey - You will not regret it.

- Placement trainee anonymous

I feel very lucky to have found Ratcliffe & Brown CIC and my whole placement experience was excellent. They are incredibly supportive and professional and at all times I felt safe as a student counsellor. Their training is thorough and there are lots of opportunities to engage with other trainees. The insight and practical encouragement they provided gave me the confidence to set up my own private practice straight after qualifying. I would strongly recommend them to any one looking for a placement.

- Placement trainee anonymous

My placement with Ratcliffe & Brown CIC has been incredibly valuable. I have learnt essential skills and knowledge in relation to therapeutic approaches and client work. I am very grateful to have been part of a safe, knowledgeable and supportive placement organisation to assist me with best practice. Ratcliffe & Brown CIC are an essential part of the community; for clients and for trainees!

- Placement trainee anonymous

Very accommodating and understanding regarding training and actual placement work

- Placement trainee anonymous

My placement experience has been great. I feel very supported and I have recommended you to other members of my course.

- Placement trainee anonymous

I have had an excellent experience with Ratcliffe and Brown. It is a good combination of support and being able to work independently with the clients

- Placement trainee anonymous

I have to say initially when I received my first client referrals I wobbled thinking I didn't have all I needed but I referred back to the training, emails and paperwork and actually rocked on with it. I'm really pleased I have chosen this placement and enjoying my clients and the work....."long may it continue thanks guys.

- Placement trainee anonymous

My experience so far has been very good. I feel supported and confident that I am able to ask questions and follow agency policies and processes with all the relevant tools and paperwork to aid me.

- Placement trainee anonymous

I'm so glad I had my placement with Ratcliffe & Brown. The training was terrific, learnt so much that we didn't go through in college. Feel more capable in myself and not scared about what comes next.

It was so supportive and Rachel and Michelle were so understanding. Just can't thank them enough.

- Sarah

I have recently completed 12 sessions of counselling with Catherine and would like to pass on my thanks. I never felt that I would develop anxiety at my age and the impact it has had on my daily life. Catherine has helped me to see that anxiety is a natural part of life and listened to my issues.

I just wanted to thank you and Catherine for all she has done for me. She has been a real help and listened without any judgement helping me to relax and open up about things I never even realised I was dealing with.
Please pass on my gratitude to Catherine.

- J

I didn't believe in therapy or telling people my problems but my experience with Ratcliffe & Brown changed everything.
Thank you for giving me the help I needed and for sticking with me even when I was a grump.

- B

I wanted to say a massive thank you to Ratcliffe & Brown. Thank you to Michelle for seeing something in me during our interview and giving me the opportunity to be part of a truly amazing company.

Thank you to Rachel for the unique and eye-opening training. And for all the support and encouragement through supervision. I honestly feel privileged to have been a part of R&B. I believe I have learnt more in the last year with you than I have in the 3 years of training. You have helped to mould me into the counsellor I always wanted to be. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

- Arlene

Ratcliffe & Brown CIC was my first placement and I have and would highly recommend them to any students looking for a placement.

They ensure that you are prepared from day 1 with a robust training programme. There is support every step of the way, along with monthly team meetings and a genuine desire to enable a next generation of counsellors.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity, you have made a bigger difference than you probably realise!

- Tanisha

Ratcliffe and Brown has been an asset in my study and my journey as qualifying as a counsellor. The training before hand, is something I come back to time and time again and the domestic violence training inspired a presentation requirement as part of my college course.

Rachel and Michelle are so supportive, nothing is ever any bother, they offer a safe space for a training environment, room to make mistakes and are on hand whenever needed.

I would recommend joining Ratcliffe and Brown for placement as you will be supported and encouraged throughout with a great team of fellow counsellors.

- Dani

I was given a brilliant counsellor called Yorkshire Joanne. She is really caring and understanding and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate what she is doing for me building my self-confidence. I originate from Yorkshire so having Joanne is great.

- E

I had the most amazing Counsellor and it helped me so much to be offered everything and we worked on lots of well-being techniques. Thank you for everything Ratcliffe & Brown.


My experience of the placement at Ratcliffe and Brown was excellent. From the training at the start of the placement which helped me immensely, to the support from staff right the way through to completion of my placement. With a broad mix of clients, this really helped me going forward into my counselling journey.

- Andy

Ratcliffe & Brown CIC have been an amazing organisation to work with and so very professional. This is an amazing start to changing my direction and taking back control. Thank you and your wonderful team.

- T

I didn't think talking would help me overcome anything and I'm really glad I was wrong. This has changed my life.

- D

I just want to say how very grateful I am to you for all your dedicated hard work and continued unwavering support over the last year. R&B has been my saviour, and I know I am not alone in saying that.

Wishing you and the team the best of a very well earned festive break, and again thanking you for all that you do; you really are making a world of difference in the best possible way for so many, so again thank you and see you in the new year.

- Janet

I've found my journey with Ratcliffe and Brown CIC really helpful and inspiring. I thought your five-day onboarding was incredibly well structured, and Rachel delivered it amazingly well. I felt held and looked after during my stay.

I would recommend Ratcliffe and Brown CIC for a placement. I think the legacy of what Rachel and Michelle are doing is inspiring and amazing. I would love to come back if I ever need the chance, and you are willing to have me again, whether as a student or a counsellor.

- Jon

I have really enjoyed and benefited from undertaking a placement with Ratcliffe and Brown. I have found them to be supportive, approachable and always available to answer a question or query. As a trainee counsellor, I felt that I wasn't on my own with clients, that I was part of a team and that how I felt and what I needed was as respected as the clients. I was given the opportunity to build on previous experience I had and develop my counselling skills in areas that were new to me. I was consulted about potential clients and asked about areas of work I wished to experience. I felt valued and that my work and time was appreciated. I now recommend Ratcliffe and Brown to students looking for placements as well as signposting potential clients.

- Jo

I want to say a huge thank you to Jo and to Ratcliffe and brown CIC.
I had my final appointment with Jo, she was so easy to open up to and I'm so grateful to of had Jo on the other end of the call to rant and moan at. She helped me to get through the dark days and I learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

- C

I was referred to you for Talking Therapy & have just had my final phone call with Dani.
She has been wonderful, kind & caring & given me so much good advice for my future.

Most importantly Dani has LISTENED to me to the point where I could talk to her about anything. I feel so much better than I did before I had the referral

Dani is an asset to your company and I would be grateful if you would pass on to her my deepest thanks.

- F

I could not have wished for a better counselling placement whilst completing my diploma.

The training, guidance and support offered by Ratcliffe & Brown CIC is fantastic and their procedures have always made me feel safe and confident in my client work.

The supervision is outstanding, and the monthly Team Meetings are an excellent opportunity to get to know peers (which is great if you're working remotely). You really do feel part of a warm, supportive, and successful team.


Karen was amazing; calm and easy to talk to. I am so grateful for Ratcliffe & Brown CIC and for Karen being patient with me.

- J

My counsellor was really great. I felt so comfortable with her and opened up a lot. Thank you for being there for me.

- D

Jo was extremely good and I felt totally comfortable with her from the beginning. I felt she was a good match. I got a lot from our sessions together and she felt so easy to open up to. I felt she understood me and my thoughts and I explored everything.

I would 100% recommend R&B and Jo to anyone. Thank you so very much.

- S

Paige was brilliant and really easy to talk to; the best in fact. She had such a lovely voice, calming and caring. Made me feel I was not going mad and I felt very validated. I found this support really useful and I explored all that I needed to. Thank you. I definitely recommend Ratcliffe & Brown to anyone who needs support. Thank you, Paige, for being there when I needed it the most.

- R

Sammy-Lee was brilliant. I really explored everything I wanted to and felt comfortable throughout. I felt heard and validated and I would like to thank Ratcliffe & Brown for this opportunity.

- S

Ratcliffe & Brown CIC have changed how we process options for support for our clients. They are professional, approachable, empathic, and timely. A great team who delivers brilliant results and genuinely cares! I look forwards to our continued relationship.

- S

I found Karen to be a perfect match for me. She really helped me. I am not so stressed now and can look at things differently. She was so good and approachable, very understanding.

I feel the whole experience was fantastic. I would like to say thank you to Ratcliffe & Brown for being there for me when no one else was.

- P

I wouldn't be able to do my job without the support Ratcliffe & Brown CIC have provided. Working in the NHS has been so stressful and hopeless these past couple of years. It was a life-saving experience right when I needed help the most.

Thank you Rachel & Michelle and please keep doing what you are doing.

- C

Andy was really good. I have never worked with a male counsellor before and it felt nice to be able to have the option of this. I felt we got on really well and he listened brilliantly. I would have carried on with Andy as felt I had more to talk through however I have been provided support through a different path that I'd been waiting for a while for. I will definitely be back in touch as Andy and Ratcliffe & Brown have been amazing. Thank you.

- K

The support Ratcliffe & Brown CIC provided was extremely good.
Georgie is a feather in Ratcliffe & Brown's cap. She got me. It's like she has been doing this for years, an old head on young shoulders.
She was refreshing and I really felt like she cared. I felt heard.

Thank you for being there for me and understanding me. George is a credit to Ratcliffe & Brown CIC. I would also like to thank Ratcliffe & Brown CIC for such a quick turnaround, for being so kind to me during my assessment with Michelle, and for the amazing trainee that turned out to be the wonderful Georgie. I hope Ratcliffe & Brown CIC is around for a long time.

- M

I can't thank Ratcliffe & Brown CIC enough. I think Rachel and Michelle have found a huge gap in what in the public support structure and what we need. They have made sure their community is supported, and in a way that people feel safe and can come back for further support if needed. I found my counselling to be an amazing experience and something I feel I needed to enable me to move forward. I have processed parts of my life that no other agency has been able to do.

Ratcliffe & Brown CIC have filled so many gaps in a world that is a very difficult time for so many people. Thank you.

- P

My experience of working with Ratcliffe & Brown CIC mental health support was amazing. I felt like Andy really understood me.

It was an eye-opener for me, and so much came up that I didn't expect. I felt safe with Andy and able to explore what came up. I didn't think much of counselling before this experience; I didn't think it would make any difference.

This experience has changed my mind and my life. Thank you, Andy & Thank you Ratcliffe & Brown CIC.

- P

I had a trainee counsellor placement at Ratcliffe & Brown CIC.

I have found R&B to be a fantastic organisation both professionally and personally. The entire management team are great people, friendly, helpful and genuine people and I would whole heartedly recommend you to clients and students. The training was amazing. Everything you have offered as support has made me feel really part of the team.

I wish you the best Christmas and New Year and thank you again.

- Z

Ratcliffe & Brown's crisis support saved my life. I'm not sure where I'd be now without this brilliant organisation. So patient and just what I needed when I felt like I had nothing left. Keep up the life saving work ladies!

- W

The counselling went so well. Georgie was extremely lovely and got me to open up about my past. This is something I have never done with anyone; No one has been safe enough to do this with before. She was so good and patient with me and I loved how understanding and empathic she was throughout. I felt she always made sure the sessions ended safely. I always felt exhausted after our sessions so we worked hard together. I did go deep at times but always felt safe with Georgie.

Thank you so very much you don't realise the impact you had on me and my journey.

- A

I can't praise Michelle enough. I feel the counsellor chosen for me was a really good match, and I am sure she will help anyone else in the same situation as she has great experience. I felt such a lovely connection with her and by the end of our sessions, I felt so much better about myself; I have the confidence to believe in myself now.

Ratcliffe & Brown CIC are so blessed to have her as part of the team. I cannot recommend her enough and know that if I need help in the future, I would ask for Michelle.

Thank you so much for all you do. I know you are going to help so many people!

- A

This is a great company of very progressive thinkers. Wonderful to work with, patient and calm, and very informative. An essential social prescribing link in the chain of client options. Thank you Rachel and Michelle, and keep up the inspiring work!

- D

I was nervous about asking for help as I expected people to think I was as stupid as I thought I was. Ratcliffe & Brown didn't make me feel stupid. They made me feel heard and valid. I am on a journey now to build my confidence and tools for coping and I can't thank this organisation enough for helping me get back on my feet.

- S

Any amazing organisation with talented workers. Very quick service and I knew they were dealing with everything. I'm really glad we worked together.

- L