Trainee Counsellor Placements Open

Trainee Counsellor Placements Open

Placement Vacancy Open

Vacancy Opens: 1st June 2022
Vacancy Closes: 15th July 2022

Volunteer Trainee Counsellor placements are an essential aspect of a counsellor's journey to becoming qualified. For the future of our community's mental health to be strong, we have to support and nurture our trainees through this challenging period, while allowing them space to grow.

We are a placement provider with a difference. Our client base is very diverse and you will have an opportunity to work with a wide range of different issues and concerns.

We provide 5 days of in-depth training unique to Ratcliffe & Brown.
We provide supervision.

Our Counselling Lead will be your "in placement" point of contact. You will also have the full support of supervision and the safeguarding officer.
We complete yearly reviews to assess how you are progressing and to support any new areas you wish to stretch yourself in.
We will complete your supervision reports (qualifying evidence) as part of your placement.

Our management team consists of qualified counsellors, crisis workers, and clinical supervisors. You are in safe hands.

To apply for this supportive and unique placement opportunity, please click on the below link:

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Trainee Counsellor Placements Open